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Response from ADMIN:
TMP will host a 3x600 on the following dates:
25 February
29 April
27 May
23 September
25 November

The winners of the Match will be awarded Certificates.
Overall Service Rifle Winner
Overall Match Rifle Winner
Overall F-Open Winner
Overall F/TR Winner

This is NOT an NRA or CMP sanctioned match.

Service and Match rifles will use the MR-1 600 Yard Target
F-Open and F/TR will use the MR-1FC 600 Yard Target

Service & Match Rifles will use: CMP High Power Rules, 2018 edition

F-Open & F T/R Rifles will use: the NRA High-power Rules 2018 version.

Please note:
Silencers will not be allowed.
Muzzle breaks on anything over a .308 cal are also not allowed.
There will not be a bench rifle category.
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