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Default North Store 9/14

I stopped by as I was working close

IHC FG 2 racks most with LMR barrels, almost all had Hackberry stocks but there were a couple with USGI wood

IHC SG 1 rack. Almost all with LMR barrels but there was 1 that had an SA that was a 53 or 54 (canít remember) that would have been correct for that year. There were a half dozen or so with USGI wood. There was an excellent selection of IHCís.

Specials in 308 there were at least 3 racks.

Some drill rifles and the Cís and Dís

12 or so Daisy 853ís. Less 1 as I has to walk out with another.

2 boxes of very rough contion leather slings. No Webs.

New in a package not a box M7 bayonet and M8AI scabbard. They had a few M5A1ís but they were in pretty bad shape.

Sweat shirts and Tís National Match 2018 marked down.

All in all a very nice selection of rifles especially if you wanted an IHC or special.
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