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Default Saturday Opening Report

There were 7 customers at opening and racks were full. Several rifles this morning had lock-bar sights, which I don’t see that often. Most of the USGI stocks are in good condition but no cartouches I saw. Generally the rifles coming out now have very nice finishes and all seem to be Philippine returns..

Armors today are Tim and Riley.

CMP Specials, 12, all .308.

SA SG 10 with USGI stocks/ FG 15, 50/50 USGI/hackberry stocks. Helped an older gentleman, like me, find three WWII rifles with original barrels, nice USGI stocks and one with nice lock-bar.

HRA FG 3, one with lock-bar?...

IHC FG 18, all hackberry...

M1D WRA RG, ME 3+/TE 6+....

Other rifles remain about the same.

Good luck on your searches.

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