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The Service grades were good, better than I've seen in the last year or so. Decent USGI wood on most. The TE & MW were low, and 2 was the worst I saw. Most were 3, or 4 mil serial #'s. Metal condition was very good. Didn't check all of them for original barrels, as I was mainly looking for good USGI wood. My buddy got a nice one with an open box SA & P, and I got one with a decent DOD cartouche and the stamped P. Stock was not nicked up too badly, and had very good handguards, and only required minimal cleaning. .....We had no idea what they would have when we drove down, as it's always a crap shoot anyway, but were pleasantly surprised to find we had a selection to pick from (24 fields & 24 service), and that we could buy one of each. Best selection I've seen in a very long time.
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