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Bear57 posted the below info. See my notes added to his for my 1/5/19 visit.

At opening, they had the following:

* SA Field grades ..... about 1 rack full , most with hackberry wood *(Saw only one H&R. There was one Winchester, I believe.)
* SA Service grades ....about 1 rack full, most with USGI wood, some w/ new wood *(I bought one. There were some nice ones)
* IHC's ..... about 2 racks full, some with LMR barrels, some w/o, mixed parts *(the IHC Fields have not changed much since the last open day of 2018. I bought one then. A lot oft them are pretty correct)
* 308 specials *(I thought I only saw one rifle, but could be wrong, as they were not my interest)
* Drill rifles ...... about 1 rack full (really bad condition) *(Yep, really bad. Every one had the rear of the Op rod channel welded.)
* Air rifles ....... didn't look at those, Gamo, I think? *(I think some were Daisy, but I remember two different kinds)
* Air rifle sights
* Barrels ..... maybe a dozen or so @ $20ea
* Slings..... ratty looking leather ones and several white parade web slings.
* 30-06 Match grade ammo on sale at half price $67.50/100 rounds, but only if you buy a rifle...... very, very low on inventory, almost out. *(They were out today)

Maybe 8-10 buyers on hand, with allocation of 1 field & 1 service grade each. Bob & crew were helpful, as usual, and out the door and back on the road at 9:40 as they had Debbie & another helper doing the background checks & paperwork. *(About that much traffic today. Debbie was not working from what I could tell. Some other woman took my order.)
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