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Default 13 SEPT N Store report


Stopped by the North store on my way back from a business trip. It was my first visit ever to a CMP store. Long time buyer but due to my various locations I was never able to visit one.

Got there about 1230. Apparently they just unloaded a trunk load from the South store. The staff were all very friendly and help me pick out a very nice IHC that was missing the DOD wood and an IHC bolt but everything else was correct. It was dead as a door nail there, so lots of time to look around. Me and one other guy. Both of us bought Service Grade IHC’s.

The racks were full of M1Cs and M1D’s both Springfield and Winchester. Can’t remember the exact numbers and grades but you can zoom in in my pics. They looked nice but a bit expensive for me especially since they had no optics.

Drill rifles were there along with some .22’s. Bought a nice 16 Bayo NIW for 42 bucks. No military ammo. No bolt action rifles or carbines.

Lots of the rebuilt .308 Garlands. Not my cup O tea but lots to choose from.

Lots of IHC’s from rack to service to choose from. When I left they had around a dozen service grades left, half with LMR barrels.

Was pleasantly surprised with the options and left happy. Link below with pics. Yes I know the serial number for the rifle I bought is shown but I don’t care as I have the paperwork to prove I bought it.

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