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Smile Moving NM Collector to Linux

Originally Posted by snuffy1a View Post
I've been using NMCollector for quite a while on my Windows sytem without any problems. I recently switched to a Linux system and dutifully downloaded the Linux variation. I've run the download in terminal mode and everything seems correct. There is new folder called NMCollectorJE created on my desktop. MY only question is: How do I get NMCollectorJE to load? Thanks for any advice. Obviously, I'm new to Linux.
For Linux you have to start NM Collector using a command line tool. How you get to that tool varies by distribution. However, once you figure out how to get to a command line, cd to your NM Collector directory (verify that you see NMCollectorJE_linux.jar in the directory) and issue this command:

Java –jar NMCollectorJE_linux.jar

Please see this page for more an example of what it should look like:

Thank you.
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