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Originally Posted by snuffy1a View Post
What happens is that the Evaluation mode opens and I can make changes, but as soon as I close the terminal, the program also closes. I noticed that whatever changes I make in the program, the change is also noted while I am in terminal mode.
That is correct. You should leave the terminal window open while you use NM Collector on Linux. After you are done using NM Collector be sure to close NM Collector NOT the Linux Terminal. You can close your terminal window if you wish after you close NM Collector. The order is very important to ensure that your changes are saved. If you do not like seeing the logs in the terminal while using NM Collector you should be able to minimize it I would think. I can with Ubuntu anyway.

BTW, If you want to transfer your data from when you were using it with Windows just copy the database folder from the Windows system to the Linux system. That will also transfer the activation if you activated the software when you were using it in Windows.

Thank you.
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