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Originally Posted by WindLogik View Post
Not on the coast. I'm inland. Where I live, im probably as far from the coast as you are.

I was just using the dictionary definition.

Pertaining or intended for a market niche, having specific appeal

I've never heard someone refer to something that is broadly applicable as niche
Your love of Varget is certainly noted. There are other powders (as stated in this thread and is the reason for this thread ) that are equal to it for long range precision shooting...or short range for that matter.

Niche as an adjective means having specialized appeal. Varget is just that, mainly because cheer leaders for it always paint it as "The Powder". Well, it is not and this thread throws light on that.

I have made it abundantly clear, even to the most casual observer, that other powders can bring in long range accuracy.

You disagree ? Post a thread stating why Varget is "Best"...otherwise, move on .
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