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Default Daisys

The jackets are of the OD style and are new.
If you have a program i will make you a pkg deal as i still have new in wraps NRA **marksmanship training manuals i will toss in plus a couple used mitts and some or any other items i may still have laying around. If u decide to let me know if any are left handed, plus i will also toss in an additional rear site for the daisys.
Pa also have one or two Palma sites in exc condition plus palm stops and slings for Any HP or .22 Match competitions, plus lenses and most anything else for service rifle or Match. All my kids and myself shot NRA match .22 and HP plus service rifle NMC for twenty plus years.
Ps. I even used the daisys to refine my skills in the back yard every day in eve or when home for lunch, trigger pull, site alignment, etc. they are awesome little guns
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