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Links for stock care that I find useful. I have received no product from any of these guys for free, and my comments are based on my experience; your results may differ. If anyone has links for milsurp stock products PM me and I'll post them.

1. SurplusRifle Forum's stock care for milsurps. Great info on many different ways to clean up, repair and restore Milsurp stocks.

2. USSR US Service Rifle Stain: It is a small bottle, he says 1-2 stocks per bottle, I suggest maybe 2-3! In my opinion this is a great price for an already mixed stain that is a good match for the reddish tint on older USGI rifles like 1903s, 1903A3s, M1 Garands and Carbines, etc. Sold by CMP Forum member USSR, read about it and order it here.

3. Tom's 1/3 mix: Look on the CMP "How To" section, Aladinbama (Tom's 1/3 mix) has videos on stock cleaning (using BLO and turpentine) as well as how to use his stock wax, and other great stock care videos. Research and buy his wax here:

4. Fairtrimmers Military OX oil (I have no idea where the name originated). Learn about it and order it here:

5. Chestnut Ridge. I have not used their stain but I have heard many people on forums talk about it, seems like a good alternative to USSR's stain.

6. I have not ordered from them, but they sell a kit that contains a citrus cleaner in a spray bottle, and a bottle of thinned oil (thinned with the same citrus cleaner they sell!) and a bottle of full strength oil. They sell it in Tung oil and Raw Linseed oil. I heard about them on some forums, people seem to like the kit, and if I was a first time refinisher I would consider it.

7. Fred's M14 stocks. Do a search on Google or Bing about his reputation. I have ordered a few times, got what I ordered fast, and the product was much better than described. But he has a reputation; like I said I and just telling you what I know and experienced with these links! Why do I list him here? His M14 stock prices are excellent, but more to the point, he has cut off M14 stocks he sells, 3 for $10.00. Great for practicing; want to see how a stock product will look, try it on one of these. I have some, they are what he advertises, and I try stock products new to me on these first! Someday I'll do something creative with them, like make these into feet for the Mosin Nagant crate I will turn into a glass top lighted coffee table.....


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