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Tru Oil:
Here is my observation on TruOil (from Birchwood Casey, it is sold at any store that has gun stuff, including Walmart, sporting goods stores, etc).
I heard about it, have seen it forever, and have seen some posts where Milsurp stocks were done with this and looked pretty good. It is known for its shine. It is a mix of oils and thinners and who knows what else, iced teas for all I know.
Like any stock finish, the preparation is the key. I like linseed and similar as if, when applying them, I see some areas that need more prep (not uncommon for your first few stocks), you can address that and go back to oiling. This will be harder with TruOil, it needs a good prep.
It seems very thn out of the bottle, but rubs on by hand (per the directions), drys fast and gives that pimp shine. I sanded with 0000 steel wool. per the directions, each coat when dry and recoated. To me, it looked "pimpy", or at least plasticy and not how a Milsurp should look. I tried the 0000 steel wool and I couldn't get it to look "military". I do think it would work great in a Ruger 10/22 or other stock that you want to produce a nice deep and shiny finish. It was very easy to apply and dries quick (I think I said that).
I am not saying TruOil is not a good product, but it is not in my Milsurp toolbox. If anyone has some good TruOil Milsurp stocks, let's see them.
Here's an M14 stock I did, it has 4 or so coats of TruOil, 0000 steel wool when dry on each coat.
[IMG]DSC_3121 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]

Why M14 stocks? Every time I am in the south store I look at the rack of M14 stocks and one always seems to come home with me. $35.00, great stock projects, and they usually have a great selection, some appear new. Fred's cheapest are $35 or so, and he can sell you very fancy stocks, but there is a price for that grading. My M1A has a stock for every day if the week, and then some....
[IMG]DSC_2699C by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]

The top 2 are not wood stocks, they were my first Duracoat test stocks......

Here's a $35 stock from Freds; I'd love to see what $100 or so gets you. I have seen some pictures of some nice M14 stocks, this one is not too bad.
[IMG]Springfield M1A by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]


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