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Default Fairtrimmers?

I use Fairtrimmers Military OX oil on just about every non-birch stock I work on (birch has enough character). I find it accents the grain well, and it seems to accent the cartouches as well. Essentially it operates like a wash, the tint is suspended in the fluid (a BLO mix) and will gather in low spots (cartouches) and some grain more than others. The effect is very subtle, and the directions tell you how to alter it from red to brown. I apply with steel wool or my hands, and rub it in (again, wood and BLO respond well to heat from the friction).
I have had a few tell me that it is a varnish or polyurethane; it is not. I have had some tell me it cannot make a cartouche look any different, and on some stocks I am sure it is true, but most of the time I find it works great. I think you can use it as the final finish, but as it is not cheap (compared to BLO, which is what, $10 for a quart at HD; Fairtrimmers is, as of today, about $32.80 shipped for a pint. As each coat adds tint, I find a few coats is all I need, but then I add a few coats of BLO, or Tom's 1/3 wax. However, find the price to be well worth it for me.
CMP rack grade 1917, Fairtrimmers, maybe 2 coats:
[IMG]DSC_0520 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]

[IMG]DSC_0508 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
Yes, it highlights gouges as well! I see no need to sand stocks, I try a bit of blending if needed, but it is rare. This stock clearly showed the grain when I bought it, but the Fairtrimmers added some tint and accent.
This was sealed with a few coats of Tom's 1/3 mix.

Here is my SVT40. It came to me with the standard post-rebuild shellac. I have shot this OFTEN, maybe 2500 rounds, in many matches, and the shellac finally started flaking off. I have done some research, you can buy shellac, and some sell some allegedly similar to the "original" color (ugly orange?). I deviated a bit from my normal "restore) and decided to remove all the shellac and use an oil finish, as it would have appeared during the war. How do you remove shellac from your Soviet "dipped in a vat" firearm? Denatured Alcohol (WM sells it in the paint section, as does HD...). Varnish is just flakes of solid varnish (buy it on eBay, red and orange mostly) dissolved in DA. DA therefore melts it like butter. It took just a few minutes, and some lite encouragement with a scotchbrite sponge. To refinish it got a few coats of Fairtrimmers which really made the cartouches pop. I sealed it with 2 coats of Tom's 1/3 wax, and it sat for 2-3 years. I had it out a few weeks ago for it's annual cleaning and stock care, and decided to see about deepening the finish. Some have asked if you must remove Tom's 1/3 wax before using oil, I did not know so I decided to try. I had used it some since the original 2 coats of wax were applied, so it had thinned some. I used a thinned BLO mix, jus BLO and Turpentine 50%. I applied by scrubbing it in with 0000 steel wool, let it sit, and wipe off after 30-60 minutes. About 6 coats over a week, then about 4 coats of straight BLO, same application, 1 day apart. The finish just "deepened", very satin-like. I sealed it with 3 coats of Tom's 1/3 wax. I really like how it came out. The Tom's 1/3 wax just adds a satin glow in my opinion, I really like it as a final finish over BLO, or just plain.
Before the annual cleaning, so 2 or so coats of Fairtrimmers, and a few coats of Tom's 1/3"
[IMG]DSC_3905 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
After cleaning and many coats of BLO/Turp, then BLO, then Tom's 1/3"
[IMG]SVT40 TULA 1941 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
[IMG]DSC_3915 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
[IMG]DSC_3921 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
[IMG]DSC_3922 by MrJHassard, on Flickr[/IMG]
OK, not a stock picture. The "brake" is quite effective in converting the recoil to noise and wind. A spotter had a hat come off in the muzzle blast once (he wasn't that close), and it is by far the loudest whenever I shoot. The recoil is insignificant, like an AR. I have had no issues with malfunctions or breakage with mine. If it had a better rear sight, mounted on the receiver (like a Garand) I am sure it would be competitive with one; I have shot some CMP matches with it, and given my eyes it shoots well with the barrel mounted rear tangent sights.


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