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Default Description tab, top $ box: what is it?

I run your program on a Mac, and I am quite pleased.

On the Description tab, the three bottom $ boxes are Appraised, Current & Insured values. Is there some caption for the top $ box on the Description tab, or can I put anything on it I want? I'd love to put Acquisiton Cost there. I'd love the Acquisition cost from the Receipt tab to automatically be there.

I earlier noted that on my Mac, the Description tab's Notes box at the bottom was about 2 and a half lines tall, and I asked you if there was some way I could make it larger. For just one of the firearms I recently entered, the Notes box is for some reason 6 lines tall. I pushed the "copy" button on the tree for that item, and that Description tab's Notes box is also 6 lines tall. All the other items Description tab Notes are about 2 and a half lines tall.
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