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From 50 shot EIC MATCH:
Gold Medal: **Matthew Lovre, 488-11X

Silver Medal: **David Canfield, 483-9X

Bronze Medal: Tim Bloss, 482-13X

Bronze Medal: Roy Leidy, 477-9X

From 80 shot CMP regional & State Championship:

2015 Maryland State Service Rifle Champion:****Roy Leidy, 782-22X

Second Overall:****MSgt Greg Blackstock, 776-18X

Third Overall:****Robert McClain, 775-23X

High Junior** Matthew Lovre, 773-36X

Maryland Champion:**CDR Joe Zerby, 771-16X

High Senior:**Roger Bloss, 735-8X

High Woman:****Lauren Owens, 723-8X

I had to cut and paste from the National Match fourm. It looked a little messy when I tried to get all 39 shooters scores in here. If you really want a complete list, pm me a email address and I can try to send it that way.
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