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I'll play. I used several threads from here and the national match forums, along with some local shooters' carts as inspiration. I was able to take measurements from a local guy's cart. I made some modifications from those measurements. I worked on it over this winter. I purchased the aluminum from a local metal supplier, bought the stool bag used, and a friend gave me the wheels. I've got about $145 in it, including the stainless hardware. There is a stainless shelf that the scope stand, mat, and rifle are on. I have parts to put together a vertical rifle rack and shelf, but haven't gotten to it yet. The weather was nice enough here about two weeks ago to try it out. I still need to play with the best way to set it up, but this isn't too bad for now. It is sturdy enough to hold me sitting on it just fine.

The only tools used were an abrasive chop saw, center punch, hand drill, and a tap. I still need to file down the sharp corners.

Since the weather was decent, I took the opportunity to sight in my optics service rifle for next season. Also, with all the excitement over the carbine release, I had to get one out to get a carbine fix.

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