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No pics with out gear right now, but I could take some later this week. It does not fold up, as it will fit in my truck as is. And using bolts instead of quick release pins made it more solid. However, all that would be required to make it fold up would be to drill two new holes and move one of the cross bars (the one the scope head is resting against) to the new hole and put take down pins in the old holes. I have the pins, just not sure if I want to modify it or not. If you need it to fold up, you could also use R-clips to hold the wheels on. I used cotter pins, so it would be kind of a pain to remove the wheels. I used what I had laying around when something cheap may have worked better.
I used 1/4 x 1 1/4 bar stock, 1" round, and 1/4-20 stainless bolts. I got the stainless for the shelves for free from work. I used some 1" aluminum angle to attach the bottom shelf. I put it together over about a month during lunch breaks at work, so there are a few things I wish I had taken more time and care to do, but all in all, it turned out pretty nice. The guy's cart that I measured is more "finished" while mine is a little more rough around the edges. But I think he is more of a craftsman while I am a utilitarian.
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