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Default How I fixed the M1 Carbine recoil plate screw hole

I traded for this 1942 Inland a while ago and the stock was shot so I purchased this one, no cracks but needed a little work around the recoil plate screw hole. You can see there was some wood missing, this was also one of the problems with the stock I replaced.

Step 1. drill the upper part of the hole to 15/64

Step 2. Insert empty .22 shell

Step 3. JB Weld, not the fast stuff either

Step 4. lay saran wrap over the JB Weld and insert the recoil plate, wait 24 hours

Step 5. Using a dremel I smoothed out the JB weld, then drilled a pilot hole in the .22 case

Step 6. Open the hole up

Step 7. Reassemble M1

Step 8. Take gun to range

Step 9. Aim at 100 yard target

Step 10. Hit the bullseye with the second shot!
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