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Getting the receiver done I was ready to barrel the receiver.
I am building an ITAL model and the barrels are made from unobtanium. My friend was lucky enough to have a factory Beretta original to take dimensions from.

I used a .308 Criterion M1Garand barrel that needs reworked.
It need shortened along with a new gas port hole , splines and re-threaded for the gas lock.

Its short chambered so minimal reaming was needed for correct headspace.

I use a modified socked extension on a 1/4" drive ratchet. A 3/8" drive socket extension fits perfectly on a chamber reamer. I simply cut it off and TIG welded in on the extension with a flex drive. You slide the reamer in the chamber , slide the drive on , twist a few times , remove and check headspace and repeat.

Tools ready~

Go slow and check often, you want it right, not fast.

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