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Originally Posted by ceresco View Post
Simple. Forget the gauges for now, it is your chamber that counts. Take some of your brass and full length size a couple the same as before, then screw the die down a guarter turn and size a couple more. Try them in your chamber and you will probably see that your problem is solved. BTW.. you should always check sized brass in the rifle before you complete the loading process. Good Shooting. ...
Bingo. What this guy said. You should be caming out the press on the down stroke. Also don't want to state the obvious or sound like an insult but,
I had a similar problem reloading for my carcano. Rember the 1903 is a control feed bolt. If you are just taking the round, putting it in the chamber, and tyring to close the bolt, it's going to take a lot of force depending on rim thickness, which varries alot with mil surps brass.Those rounds need to come up from the mag and slide under the extractor claw.
When I discovered what I was doing wrong, I was like duhhh. My die is fine. Operator error.
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