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Default While we are looking at slings.....what the heck are these???

I have a couple slings that puzzle me just a bit. Maybe someone out there will know what these are.
The two slings showcased here have a very fine and almost luxurious weave. They looks sorta like the WWII style which is why I pulled them from the sling box.
Problem is one of the is marked MRT 3/61 (the date is put on by hand).
The Keeper is sort of an abbreviated WWII style. I had seen these keepers in the sling box previously and always thought they were just broken WWII style, but now I am not so sure. They don't look broken, just different.

A few pictures should help:

Anybody else out there seen any of these or have an idea why they differ so much from other slings of the period>

I wish there was more information out there on these things,
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