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Default 1961 sling

I bought some of those 1961 slings several years ago, and puzzled over them myself.

The keeper in the sling is the flat design, which was manufactured for slings in WWII. This flat keeper was supposedly transitioned out in late 1944 for the "humped keeper."

That is well and good, but the keepers on these 1961 slings are actually the flat design, and made blackened brass, which throws a monkey wrench into the progression of the sling keepers.

I got a call from a buddy of mine last week, who told me that Bill Ricca had discovered documentation that these 1961 slings were made by a contractor who was provided the incorrect drawings for the sling, and made them to WWII specs, with the flat keeper. However, he did make the keepers out of brass, and blackened them, like the brass sling tips of the mid-1950s.

I have searched Ricca's website, but cannot seem to locate this information. Perhaps he has not posted it yet, but I hope he will soon.

In any event, these are unusual early Vietnam slings, and it is a nice variation to have in your sling collection.
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