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Using a Fuji EXR 10X Optical Camera wi Macro which takes some pretty good pics.
IHCM1'S statement of lighting as being critical is right on. As to focus, I have no manual capability but have taken pics with and without the tripod. Occasionaly a pic on the tripod will be less clear than the tripod one. I am told this is due to the auto-focus feature. Am Curious to know if IHCM1'S lens is a macro capable, or just 18-200. Also have found experimenting with angle of camera to subject can make a difference. Wax paper on a whiteboard can soften some pics of the small gun parts. Am going to try different color background colors and cloth fabrics also. Will try to post some pics. Many of the pics posted need work on the lighting as many are too dark to see detail. Tried a little help from a small L.E.D. flashlight which helped in some situations...

Have a great day !!!
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