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Default How to take great amateur photos

How to take great amateur photos
For 51 years I have been unable to get my wife interested in learning how to use a camera. Two times in the past I bought her what was considered at the time to be very good cameras and both times she let them sit unused. They were heavy and complicated and she does not do well with "complicated" anything. Many people have the same problem.
She also has a big problem with "heavy" anything because she is severely handicapped.
Enter our new Panasonic DMC-ZS1.
From the moment it arrived, a few days ago, I began trying to get her interested in using it. It's light as a feather, only 8 ounces, and so simple to use. Just point and shoot. It zooms 12x, has auto-focus and has 10 million pixel resolution.
Still she showed no interest in trying it out,
until yesterday.
We have a small Koi pond just off our backyard patio and yesterday morning a pair of mallard ducks arrived to check it out, probably considering it for a nesting site.
They stayed all day and finally my wife decided to try out this new camera. She only took 6 pictures and all were great. This one picture however I think is worth sharing with you and I will frame it for her.
This is the male mallard that obviously has a white mother. I've never seen a male mallard like this one before but he is magnificent and I think my wife is now a confirmed convert.
What do you think?

This camera also takes great close ups without using the telephoto. See my post on this earlier thread:
I know there are many other great cameras currently on the market. I used the Internet and cnet Digital camera reviews to help me make the decision on which camera to buy.
P.S. The eyes peaking over the bottom right corner of the photo are at the front edge of the pond and is the top of a ceramic frog my wife made when her hands were no so bad.

March 14 2010 update - March 14th Debut
The two ducks that appeared to be nesting here, when my wife took the close up of that beautiful drake, stayed quite a while and finally left.
Every day since then ducks have been coming here. I looked out on our patio a little while ago and this is what I saw. The male is not in the photo.
He was busy driving other ducks away from his paradise.

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