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Default Bedding the M1A rifle using a coat hanger + rear pillar

Updated on 11/10/17

Tried to restore all the pics and move hosting from photobucket to imgur.

The following is a pic heavy & write up of bedding a Springfield M1A rifle using a regular coat-hanger to establish barrel tension. I typically used the "donut" fixture but wanted to try the coat hanger
method. I will loosely chronicle my bedding a new Springfield Super Match / rear lug receiver that is NOT threaded (yet) and pillar bed it into a McMillan stock.

This also give you an idea what is involved in bedding a McMillan stock and the work involved to fit it correctly.

Lets get started-

1) New never fired M1A Super match rifle~

2) A McMillan M14 stock.

The Mac stock I lucked into finding. I called McMillan and they had one "left over" in forest green color and factory inletted for my rear lug receiver.
I am guessing that Mac does not get a lot of orders for rear lug inletted stocks so it was my lucky day.

Note~ You will need a new stock ferrule, the MAC stock does NOT come with one so order one now unless you have one already

Out of the box / factory inletting-

Finish work for the McMillan stock is proper bedding and attachment of the front ferrule (VERY IMPORTANT), front sling attachment (easy) and butt plate install. The butt plate needs to be fitted a little. The stock has some of the stock filler spilled over into the recess where the butt plate sits. There was also some parting line glass from the mold halves that needed cleaned up. This is easily done with a hand file. I will set up and drill the angle hole for the rear sling attachment later. I drilled 2 holes for stainless steel screws to attach the front sling retainer. The opposite side of that will be milled out and a square piece of key stock ( 5/16 ) will be drilled & tapped and inserted into the slot.

Butt stock cleaned up a little~

Holes (I) drilled for front sling attachment~

Rear Hardware~

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