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Front Ferrule~

This is an important item and consider it part of your foundation, if its screwed up count on problems down the road. McMillan does an EXCELLENT job on their stocks and in letting.
That being said we are all human and it warrants checking your stock for straightness, channel fit and squareness. No hurry and make sure its right before moving on.
I modded a standard stock ferrule to "NM" style with the added clearance. Some may make it larger or a different shape but the main task is clearance around the gas cylinder AND that its parallel and level to the stock once mounted. I modded my ferrule then steel bedded it after trial fit and checking for alignment. Once cured over night I used a hand file (rat-tail) to clear the stock and even it up with the steel ferrule. Cosmetics & clearance for your gas cylinder.

Stock front with pencil marks where to open up ~

Modified Front~

This covers most of the stock initial fitting and whats needed to move on....

Once you have your stock hardware wrapped up you need to test fit your action in the stock. You want to make sure nothing is binding and you have clearance for bedding material where you want and need it. Since I am NOT using the trigger group to hold the action in place I want to make sure the alignment is correct that it WILL go together after bedding.

Front ferrule seated and action fits with no binding~

With the clearance you made in the front ferrule you should be able to wiggle / move around the gas cylinder up & down and side to side.
You do NOT want it rubbing or binding. Its fully seated and not sticking out or forward.

Action fits and trigger group lines up~

Test for mechanical function of hammer & trigger. You want to make sure the hammer does not follow the bolt forward when the bolt closes while the trigger is held to the rear. If it does your trigger group is likely to far away from the bolt. If so you need to remove material from the stock where the trigger group seats.

Per Mr.Gus Fisher (M14 Expert):

Take a pair good dial calipers and put them inside the stock. You measure from the two small bedding surfaces for the rear of the trigger housing up to the top of the stock where the receiver heel sits. This distance on an M1 Garand or M14 is supposed to be NO MORE than 1.725" and may be as little as 1.700". On some Armscorp's and LRB receivers I have run across, I had to bring this distance down to 1.690" because parts of the receiver were not to spec. If the distance is OVER 1.725", then you have to cut/par a little wood off the two small bedding surfaces in the stock for the rear of the trigger housing, until the distances 1.725" or less.


This next one is a little hard to describe and understand. Take the trigger group out the stock and look at the stock between the two small bedding surfaces for the rear of the trigger housing. There is a groove between those two small bedding pads in the stock. Look for an indentation at the front of that groove. The indentation comes from the trigger hitting the stock when this groove is not cut high enough and does not allow the trigger to move enough so the sear can reset. It is easier to see the indent on a wood stock, though you may not see it on a wood or fiberglass stock. Put a little grease on the back of the trigger where it is just above the bottom of the trigger housing. There is a sort of a triangular shape there and grease the top of the triangle. Put the trigger housing back in the rifle and dry fire it a few times and then take the trigger housing out. If there is a grease spot left on the stock between the two small bedding pads, you have to cut at least the front of the groove higher so the trigger does not hit it.

Now that I am satisfied that my action fits correctly I did find one detail on my receiver that needed correction IMHO. My rear lug had VERY sharp edges on all 4 sides of the rear lug. This is similar to holding a chisel against the nice Devcon epoxy you are putting around it, not good. A few minutes on a 3M Beartex wheel gave me nice corner radii that leaves a nice round corner in your bedding. I will re-blue it later.

No threaded rear hole in lug.....yet.

Stock SHARP rear lug (BAD IMHO)~

The way it should have left the factory~ Smooth radius

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