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Once I fixed this little issue its time to layout your stock. Get a SHARP lead pencil and put your action into your stock. Use the sharp pencil to trace around your receiver on the top surface of the stock. Once you do this remove your action and use painters tape to tape close to the line. This just makes cleaning up excess epoxy easier and keeps it off the stock.
I either use the trigger group or my fixture to hold it in place while doing the layout work.


Traced Outline~

Painters Tape~ Keeps Devcon off of stock

I also applied tape to the forearm top surface where the coat hanger makes contact and the sides which I used a Sharpie marker & marked the location I will place the wire. I am using .090 diameter wire and the next thing is to test fit it and see how the action lies. I used a new piece of coat hanger and positioned it where I marked on the stock for a test fit.

Wire up front~

Rear or heel of action with the wire up front~

I tried a few different diameters of wire and for my barrel the .090 or larger is what I needed. This will be a rear pillar / rear lug gun when finished. I will use a clamping fixture to hold the action in
place while the bedding cures. Note that with a new piece of coat hanger wire all that is needed is hand pressure to seat the heel of the action to the stock. My fixture is just a piece of threaded rod bent like a "J" that hooks the action and a wing nut to snug it down. I am simply using hand pressure and NO WRENCH.

When I mentioned above that .090 wire is what I needed this is based off of the desired or target heel height of 1/2" above the stock for the correct amount of tension or pre-load.
I have tried a few versions of using straight wire and slightly bending one before inserting and seating the barrel and both end up sitting about the same heel height. If I bend a "V" in the wire it centers up nice. I like using a virgin straight wire and just seating my action. Since this is my 1st wire bedding job others with experience can chime in.


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