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I added a little more plumbers putty to exposed areas of my receiver ( just in case). I smoothed out the putty and applied Kiwi clear shoe polish (release agent) to all exposed receiver metal inside and out. I rolled a Q-Tip in the clear Kiwi and hit all crevices, twice. Set action action aside and its ready to go in a few minutes.

Check the stock one more time.... Blew out the bedding area with air hose to remove any dust or loose junk.... laid out my coat hanger pieces with a few spares, never know.....

Devcon measured~

Mixed and ready to apply~

I spend about 5 minutes mixing the Devcon. I have about X2 the amount needed but too much epoxy is better than not enough. Once mixed I let it sit a few minutes then started putting it on / in the stock. I started with the rear pocket / horseshoe area followed by the top surfaces then the sides. You have generous working time so no need to panic. I mix it smoothly and try not to whip it up and get air trapped in the Devcon. You are mixing epoxy, not making butter.

Quantity wise I have around 3 shot glasses (volume) of Devcon mixed up and that was more than enough.
You can "paint" the inside fiberglass surfaces of the stock with the extra. I always set some aside and make sure it cures correctly.

Now that I have epoxy in hopefully all the right places its time to insert the action into the stock. I stand the stock up vertical and hook the gas cylinder metal onto the stock ferrule and let its weight pull down. I lower the action towards the stock and stop above it. Its at this point I insert a new piece of coat hanger on the mark I made on the stock. Now I gently guide the action into the stock and let is settle down. At this point I scrape the obvious excess Devcon away from the lug area and drop it in the trash.

Once I wipe any major Devcon away I squeeze by hand the heel of the action firmly to the stock. I now attach my clamping / holding fixture and tighten.

The bedding is now done for better or for worse. If you did your prep well you have nothing to worry about but I still do just a little.

My front wire is in the same place as my test fit and all looks well.

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