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Clean up time----

Once you place the action into the Devcon you should have a lot of squeeze out. You WANT squeeze out because that means you should have 100% contact.
Applying the Devcon to the stock AND the action helps to get 100% contact.

I start the clean up by wiping away the excess Devcon with dry Q-Tips. I do this over a trash can to wipe and drop. I use a LOT of tips to my wife's dismay....

Try to NOT move or disturb the barrel or action from this point on.
I prefer not to move it around but you can if you are careful. If moved handle by the stock , NOT the barrel or action.

Start wiping with dry Q-Tips~

When you get most of the Devcon off use Q-Tips soaked in WD-40 to clean up the remainder of the Devcon. Rub a wet Q-tip on the action and along where the stock and receiver meet to smooth out the Devcon line. Wet tip followed by dry one until clean. When you think its clean take a 5 minute break then come back and look again. Seems there is always a little more you find with fresh eyes. I focus on the receiver metal #1 and the contact point between stock and receiver a lesser degree. Believe me it cleans up a lot easier and faster while the Devcon is not cured (wet) with WD-40 Vs. cleaning it off your action when the Devcon is dry. It can be done but is slower and SUCKS. Ask me how I know this.....

For inside the receiver I use a small scraper and scrape away any major excess Devcon squeeze out and ignore the rest. Once the stock and action are separated I can better clean up.
I will leave it set over night / 24 hours then remove the action (fingers crossed).

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