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Now that I have a bushing / pillar and screw in hand I can machine the stock. I set up my stock in my milling machine and I indicated it in ( aligned ) using the factory McMillan inletting cuts. I am trusting them that the factory cuts are parallel to their rear lug pocket. I used a dial indicator and indicated off of the flats so they are square and parallel. I kept the bedding tape on my stock and used paper between the vise jaws to protect the stock finish. Once I got it positioned I then used an edge finder or "wiggler" if you are a toolmaker type to find the center line of the slot and set that as zero on my digital read out. Positioning the bushing the other way I eyeballed it closer to the rear of the gun but NOT to cut into the pistol grip area when counter-bored.

Dial indicator in use~

Once indicated in you use a center drill / spot drill to accurately start the hole then drill through using a 1/4" or .250 drill bit.

Once you drill the hole through you remove the drill and I used a 1/2" endmill to counter-bore the "pocket" for the pillar / bushing. Doing it now means its centered the perpendicular to the thru hole.

If you measured correctly your bushing will fit flush and be straight as an arrow.

Bushing test fit (Ignore the Devcon )

See if the screw fits......

Flipping the stock over the hole I drilled through is centered up pretty well and that was a concern. If I did not have the stock positioned correctly the hole would have ended up somewhere unfavorable to me. Some drill from both sides but I am using this hole to position the rear lug tapped hole I will drill and tap shortly. I will insert the action into the stock then use a 1/4" transfer punch to mark the hole location. I basically will slide the transfer punch in the 1/4" hole i drilled then strike it with a hammer to transfer a punch mark where I will drill & tap the 1/4-28 hole in the rear lug.

(That is IF I can find my 1/4 " transfer punch)

Once I have the rear lug tapped I will then finish bedding around the receiver "legs" and actually torque the rear lug / pillar bolt to assist. I have to do some reading to see what the "popular" or correct torque value should be.

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