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At times my 455 has outshot my 452; at times the other way around. Both are quite capable of 1/2" 5-shot groups @ 50 yds with target-grade (& sometimes sporter-grade) ammo. I honestly would be hard pressed to choose between them, it really is a toss-up.

My 452:
CCI Quiets (& other LV) in a suppressed CZ 452, correlating accuracy to Lot# & MV STD

My 455:
Another CZ 455 that shoots lights-out. Pic of initial target is attached.
Test series of various HV .22LR through my CZ 455

Much has been made about various manufacturing shortcuts resulting in the updated 455 model; less is said about the newer CNC tooling being able to provide tighter manufacturing tolerances associated with the more modern design of the 455.
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