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Thanks for all the replies and information. The topic of GI vs commercial was/is my concern here so I appreciate all the input. Another shop has a "mostly" GI SAI M1A for close to 1800.00. It looks like a real GI rifle with a used GI stock etc. It sits next to another later model SAI "all commercial?" they want 1400.00 or so for. That was why I was wondering if I should not just get the silly thing or put it in layaway actually if they will let me for that price and then later trade up if I can find a "GI" parts gun. However I am beginning to think especially here that the chances of a cheaper in price rifle with some or more GI parts is not going to happen and the 1800.00 is now the norm. Another shop has one for more than that and as best I can tell it is simply a commercial parts rifle with no extras.
I remember a Smith Enterprises? with half a dozen magazines for 550.00 but I was 16 and obviously not able to buy.
Again as always thanks for the input and information.
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