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My first M14 was an SAInc. 1990. An elderly gentleman had it in his collection and due to his wifes health condition was selling some firearms. This rifle was "as new" having shot it less than 100 rounds and had lived in his safe since buying it new. The man wanted $1700 but I opened my wallet and showed him my 15 Benjamins and said" It's literally all I have". He was nice enough to let me have it for that and that was in 2004. I took it home and stripped it down and logged in all the parts. After research on my own I determined that I had a real prize, ALL USGI parts rifle assembled at the SAI factory ! The parts were all TRW except the hammer which was SA. I hit the jackpot on that deal ! It was an iron sight tack driver ! I won many matches with it. I did add some Sadlak springs, op spring guide and piston and NM front and rear sights along with the tools they make.

Being addicted I bought another SAInc. a year later mfg. 1996, standard USGI chromelined barrel and all USGI parts except a plastic pseudo USGI black krinkle stock. This one for $1350, another private sale.

My most recent is a 2002 SAInc. with a 1962 SA chromelined barrel and some of the trigger group was USGI. It came with an oversized walnut stock in perfect condition. I have since traded and bought all USGI SA parts for it and a VN era walnut stock. It came with 4 LMT mags, scope and a few other goodies that I sold to get the USGI parts. It was a private sale at $1500.00 but all said after selling the other stuff it cost me about $1200.

There are deals out there but the key is to have the cash ready when you see them. Unfortunately I missed many deals many times as I didn't have the dough to spare when they hit.

My advice is to keep your eyes open and if you can, pickup a nice rifle when you see one. Check it out to be sure it's OK but don't sit on your hands as they go fast !

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