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Here are some more pics.
Looks like I lucked out with my IMA Brunswick. Stock is solid, I found a split stock tip under the brass, one chip came out and another small split. All repaired, no issues. Wormholes in bottom of buttstock, minor. Thinking of a solution, no hurry.
Disassembly was no issue, just patience and slow, add force gradually. Most pins are rusted, I will wait until reassembly to decide what to do (reuse, replace, will stock holes need addressing?). Nipple came out easily (pure luck, and patience with Kroil) and looks perfect. Small parts have been in ultrasonic, I did a quick clean of barrel (diluted purple power and scrub), forgot the pics, it is fine.

I forgot to mention: Turns out my rifle was actually owned by the 3-time winner of the "All Nepal Rifle Team" annual competition. There was paperwork documenting it but I lost it

Here is the sword bayonet after a quick cleaning. I let it soak in diluted purple power for 15 min and scrubbed with a scotchbrite sponge. Handle will need some detailed work but this looks great.


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