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What does this have to do with CMP? Well, it's a milsurp, and the techniques are universal. Some leave these as-is, some do light cleaning just enough to "function", some do complete detail cleaning (that is me), some refinish much more than me. These can be made to look "as new" by more wood repair, more aggressive metal work and addressing the wood and metal finish. Mine is a middle of the road approach, I know others may choose a different path. The google will show some pictures of all of these, I enjoy looking at them all and borrowing bits and pieces of their process.
Here is a great refernce thread, by someone with much more woodworking and machining skill than I;
Here is what I have done:
All metal pieces were removed and dropped into ultrasonic. I use a purple power and water, I started at 50/50 and added more PP.
Here are the brass parts. The trigger guard and escutcheons are as-removed from the US. I scrubbed the ramrod pipes and buttplate with copper wool.

I have seen restoratioins where the brass was smoothed and polished, these are solid and can be made to look new. I will leave some patina but make them look maintained. New looking brass on beat up wood doesn't work for me, and I have no desire to remove the dents and dings in the wood. Plenty of photos on the Google to make your own decision. Note the rough casting inside the buttplate.

Here are some of the metal parts.
You can see the lock cleaned up great. The sling swivels have some rust pitting as do most screws through the wood, all look quite serviceable. If you look in the ultrasonic you can see the barrel tang; compare it to the before picture in the post above.

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