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1st was a split at the tip. This is common as the wood was poorly finished at the very end under the brass cap (rough edges will promote cracks) and of course the crew adds stress.
1st I ensure I cleaned well before. Then use a solvent to get it cleaner, and degrease. Here I pried it open with a popsicle stick and brushed MEK in it, and pulled a patch through it. This drys immediately and you are ready to go. I mixed some epoxy, I suggest 30 min or longer, the 5 min sometimes isn't enough. Also the longer it remains fluid the more it penetrates into the wood, making for a stronger repair. There are many glues that work, plenty of threads on this. My go-to is epoxy; acraglass is an epoxy of course.
Slop the glue into the crack coating everything (a toothpick is perfect). I used spring clamps, they could have been tighter but it would have bent the channel, so I wound up with a slight gap. Had this been in a more visible and more stressed spot I would have built a more elaborate clamping fixture. Once clamped use a wet paper towel to wipe up the epoxy that oozed out. Once dry a few swipes with sandpaper will remove the shiny glue residue.

Notice the nice chocolate color under all the grime.


Repair set, a few swipes of the sandpaper and it's done.

My clamp closed the crack on the outside but there is a hairline inside. I should have clamped around a dowell or socket and used a dozen clamps. I'll pour some epoxy in and call it done. The screw hole will need to be chased and I will gently dress the end before replacing the brass.


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