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Next update:

I have a few more spots on the stock.

I found a small crack here after the wood had dried so I worked in some epoxy. Interesting scratches.

Wood chip glued back in. Looks like there will be some gaps around it; I will know after sanding this repair.
I will not be sanding anywhere but the repairs; while some may choose to steam out dents and rework the stock, I will just make repairs to stabilize it, address any other issues (burrs/splinters, worm holes) and leave it as-is.

This is the bayonet lug cutout. I didn't notice earlier but there was a crack in the corner. When cutting material (wood, metal, paper), anytime there is a sharp angle that becomes a stress point. Always radius angles when possible if designing a new item!
Anyway, I held the crack open with a toothpick, cleaned with MEK then worked in some epoxy. I work some more in after the toothpick is out, more on the inside. I'll sand it down later. It is invisible from the outside now.

This will be entertaining. The original patch covers are broken so IMA supplies a "replacement". They do not fit:

The repro is close enough on the length of the lid. It is too narrow, and the radius of the fixed portion is entirely too long, and the screw hole is out of whack as a result.
1. Hammer it into the wood. Bondo to fill any gaps, and duct tape to hold the door closed.
2. Make the repro cover fit stock. This will require welding material to make it wider, plus welding to fill the screw hole. Then file to shape. This is outside my ability.
3. Make opening in the stock fit the fixed portion by removing wood. Then I must add a shim to the stock to narrow the opening, and blend it in. Not a fan but this may be the best option.
4. If I re-contour the fixed portion, shortening it to fit the opening that will work, except the screw hole is in that radius, so it will have to be filled (welded) and a new one drilled. Perhaps I can find someone to weld this for me. I will still have to add a shim to the stock to narrow the opening (or leave it off and accept that 1/4" gap).
Once done, will the sliding pin align with the existing hole in the buttplate? If not, re drill hole and leave (or weld) the old hole?

I knew of this challenge before I bought this; by no means am I complaining. Why does the repro not fit? I have no idea where IMA got these, perhaps they had one made that fit "most" of the rifles they have needing one? Who knows
I am in no hurry.

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