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Next will be to sand the repairs (gently, and while using masking tape to protect adjacent areas). No power tools.
The worm holes (underside of buttstock) are few and minor. I could ignore them, I could fill with epoxy and sawdust. I saw a thread discussing a period-correct method of beeswax and something (sawdust?) to fill the wormholes, I will stick with nothing or glue and sawdust.

Most likely once sanded, I will apply some oil and prepare for reassembly and leave the patch cover for a while while I consider my options.

I found this thread before I placed my order.
The 1837 is identical to the 1841 except the barrel has a unique 2-groove rifling for a belted ball projectile, and IMA includes a Brass handled bayonet instead of my steel one.
Note how he addresses the patch cover. I have compared; my repro cover is cut differently from his, it has a much longer fixed portion. I may ask IMA if they have any others.

I will probably buy one of the untouched "broken stock" Brunswicks from IMA. I will then have plenty of wood for adding a splice, as well as to use for crack filling sawdust.

No pics today, but the metal parts are coming along well. I have identified a few issues:
1. The part that the hammer attaches to may be broken. It appears someone tried to pull the hammer back (or push it forward) while it was somehow frozen, torquing and twisting the shaft. I haven't been able to find a photo of the part so I'll reassemble the lock and see if it functions. If not, the broken Brunswick will have a lock, and a sticky note to IMA will ensure it is a complete lock. I suppose I could contact them to see if they have a supply of parts.
2. The screws holding in the stock escutcheons are tiny and rusted. I have soaked in muriatic acid to address the rust, I think 1 or 2 may be too short to reuse. But as I plan to do some work on both the screw holes as well as filling in the areas around the escutcheons I may be OK. When I begin to reassemble I will check the screw holes and address. They don't look bad enough to drill them and insert dowels but that may be needed. I may be able to clean them out and glue in a toothpick to make them strong enough? When refitting the escutcheons I may use the "shellac with sawdust" method to secure and blend them in; that may also help with the screws. The benefit is I will try the least invasive (and easiest) methods; if they don't work, on to the drill and dowel. Shellac and sawdust is easily removed with no trace remaining.

The pins are all rusted, and many are bent. I will buy some brass rod to use as replacements, but I may also use a properly sized nail or two (essentially what the original is). The brass will be easier to shape, and won't rust (not that I think it will ever be placed in a rust-prone environment in it's non-front line service future).

This project is coming along well. What I received is in as good or better shape than the M-H I last received, and of course, better than IMA describes. The wood itself looks excellent. My metal doesn't look as nice as in the above referenced thread, but I have not started on the barrel yet.

Awaiting another IMA sale so I may order the parts gun, and probably a Snider-Enfield to try next.

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