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If it is the Romanian surplus Circa 1970's, you are good to go. This is quality ammunition. Have fired thousands of rounds of this with zero issues. It is NOT match ammo though, but reasonably accurate. Easy to ID with distinctive red sealant at the bullet and primer. Packaged in green spam can, "fara lame" is printed on it as well as 7.92mm and other Romanian stuff I can't remember. Packed in 15 round un-labeled tagboard, sometimes with stripper clips. It is a steel cored projectile that will rebound with force from hard targets, so use caution. If I remember correctly, nominal weight was 154 grains resulting in modest recoil compared to 196 grain sS german ammo. It does have a certain stench when you shoot it, kind of a cross between cat pee and scorched brake pads. This is a picture of the "good" Romanian

If it is not the Romanian surplus, I would avoid it. Some of the German and occupied WWII 8mm in steel cases was loaded under questionable conditions, and some has deteriorated. As above, the commercial export Romanian is garbage. Also avoid the '50s brass cased Yugoslavian, it tends not to go off in most rifles on the first strike. The 70's Yugo is very good ammo, identified by bright orange primer sealant. Also very good is the Turkish brass cased, with a cu/n jacketed bullet. All 3 good kinds are readily found around gunshows and sometimes online, but the prices have gone up a lot from the glory days of 10 cent bangs.

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