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I concur with Canes7.

I started with a RRA NM with a 1:8 Wylde and was very happy with it. Ultimately decided to get a second rifle to use as a spare/practice/match combo. Bought a WOP with Kreiger barrel and pinned 1/4 sights (this was the year right before optics). The WOP did not shoot any better than the Rock River, nor did it make me shoot any better. When the barrel of my original RRA was done, I put a Keystone 1:7 on it. Shoots match bullets fine, but won't shoot 55's (my short line practice stuff) at all.

Long story short: If you want a second rifle upper, then any of the ones you mentioned including RRA are good choices and I don't give any of them a significant nod for accuracy. From there is you preference for handguards, gas blocks, etc.
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