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i use Keystone Accuracy uppers/barrels and they have worked well. I shoot Kriegers and Bartlien but they aren't necessarily a must for accuracy. I just use them as they tend to last longer. the button rifle Green Mountain from Keystone, button rifle Wilsons from White Oak and the Criterion barrels that Compass Lake and a few others sell are all great options. I can't speak for the Rock River as I've never owned one nor anyone I know.

if you have the funds, buy a new upper from any reputable smith and keep your other upper as a backup/ practice upper.

also as far as the lower, the Geissele National Match trigger is hard to beat. I've never had an issue with it making weight at an EIC and it's leaps and bounds better than the few Rock River triggers I've played with. of course that's a personal preference so that's up to you.
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