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Still awaiting an IMA sale; looks like they did a New Years price hike
Meanwhile all stock cracks are filled and cured. I sanded gently, easy as you sand until the shine of the glue is gone.
I lightly sanded the stock with 400 grit wet and dry just to smooth it back to a level surface (the cleaning process raised the grain). I did not sand hard enough to remove any of the markings or even scratches, just smooth to the touch.
Then 1 wet coat of Fairtrimmers, applied with a green scotchbrite. After 45 minutes I wiped the stock down until it was dry to the touch then left town for a week.
Today I applied 1 coat of BLO cut with Turpentine, very wet coat. Wiped down after 45 minutes and below is the result.

Pics are in full sun; the color contrast is not as strong in person. This wood really darkens with oil; compare it to my Nepal Martini Henry a few posts up, very similar.

While this stock will get several more coats of oil this is enough for me to begin assembling the bits and peices back on the stock.
HD/Lowes/Hobby Lobby were all bare on brass rod of the sizes I needed so I have some being shipped; bought an assortment of sizes that should last me a hundred rifles.
When I get the parts rifle I will use the broken 1/2 stock to fill the worm holes. I'll use a file to make some sawdust, mix with epoxy and fill the holes. I have seen some do the same by packing sawdust in the hole then putting cyanoacrylate (super glue) on it to seal. I am sure that will work the same, I may try one hole that way.
Meanwhile I'll start work on the barrel and ramrod; they need a full cleaning. The breech plug has been soaking with Kroil 2 weeks or so; maybe I will be able to remove if.
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