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Hey look, a squirrel.......
I have been sidetracked. I got a really nice rack grade (nice in my definition) IHC M1 from the south store, and then scored a $150 drill 1903A3 with very minor welds. The stock is cracked but possibly fixable.
Here's the M1 as received:

The stock is what lured me; finding that it was a RG helped.
Stock was cracked, more of a sliver, seen in the 3rd pic above just under the clip latch.
The 2nd pic shows some paint or scuffs, and the horizontal marks seen on some of the Turkey returns. No definitive cause, possibly rub marks form sling keepers, but maybe rub marks form some shipping device> Mine are dark buy very little actual surface damage; others are >1/8" deep.

No pics of the repair, I pried it open with a small pic, worked some epoxy in and clamped it closed. Wipe off epoxy that squeezed out with a wet rag and smooth with a green scotchbrite when dry.

Once the rest of the rifle was disassembled (parts went into the ultrasonic) I worked on the wood. For this I decided a minimalist approach, I can always strip and try something else.
I used my 50/50 mix of BLO and Turpentine and a green scotchbrite and scrubbed it clean. Just be careful near edges/corners and cartouches. You can feel the grit coming off when you do this. Once scrubbed (do not be sparing with the 50/50), wipe with a paper towel (don't waste a good rag!). 2-3 scrubs should do it. I worked on the rub marks as well.
Once dry-ish I used the scotchbrite with full strength BLO and wiped dry after 45 min. The I rubbed in another coat of BLO, wiped after 45 and buffed an hour later. Below is that.


Here is the trigger group fresh out of the ultrasonic; I chucked it in fully assembled.
I stripped it completely to ID and oil, it was completely clean. Impressive.

Below is 1st clip at TMP after reassembly. Centered rear sight and 8 slicks up from bottom.

Not bad for a worn out rack grade. I had to replace the buttplate (hinge broken) and lower band (odd, pin hole cut by torch, maybe off a drill rifle?).

The stock needs more oil, I may wax it (Tom's 1/3). While I could have completely stripped it (purple power/water/scrubbing); and can do so anytime, I like the look as-is. It's a solid stock with a little character and looks great.
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