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I am far from an expert but here are a few I've noticed. 4.2-4.3 SA, win 13s if you ever see one, certain rebuilds like LEAD, if you find a WRA stock that's a great value ( really any WRA parts are valuable it seems). If you are learning about the mechanics of the gun like I am and can't do it yourself, have someone check the op rod spring and gas cylinder timing as that can affect accuracy and a bad spring can cause lots of problems. Also, a CMP stock may need to be trimmed ( my term probably not the right term) so you don't wear on the wrong spots. I would get as many correct parts on your rifle as possible, all else being equal this will raise the value of the rifle. Of course, especially for a shooter, low TE and MW affect value and shooting. A service grade will be good for both. There are many others on here that have helped me with my knowledge. Rest assured that no matter what, you're probably getting a great deal just getting it from the CMP and hand selecting you are really getting a better chance at what you want. Please post some pictures of what you get

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