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Originally Posted by Savage22410 View Post
I would qualify myself as more of a shooter than serious collector. I had envisioned looking more for a Garand with low wear and in great shape, than being particular about manufacturer, year, etc. My assumption has been I'll look for the best condition Service grade on the rack without too much concern for the details that serious collectors look for. That being said, I am interested in why some Garand types are more desirable.
This should be your priority on your upcoming visit!! Everything else is secondary. Collectibility of Garand rifles is a study unto itself. There are many books written on the subject and probably not something you’re going to learn in a few days. Additionally, money plays a factor. As you add collectibility to condition, the cost goes up! If they have IHC or Winchester service grades, they will be more costly and possibly in worse condition than a SA service grade. You also don’t know what will be in the store on any given day. I’m sure some of the regulars and store staff will be available to help you but keeping your requirements simple will help. Good luck!!
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