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I will echo Ronwall's suggestion that for a shooter you should look at getting a CMP special. They are completely rebuilt rifles with new barrels. If you are going to go that route, I would suggest you mail order it and save the 10% tax at the south store. Second option would be to purchase a Springfield/HRA service grade. If it was me, I would still mail order and put a little sticky asking for "best barrel measurement available, please". (I hate paying the tax.) Very good chance you will end up with a new CMP stock. Not as classic as a GI stock, but they have tighter lockup, thus more accurate.

A collector has completely different wants. WWII manufacture is more popular than post war, but unless close to correct, value isn't much different since most were manufacture during the war. Correct or collector grade is obviously more valuable than the average mixmaster rifle. Then you get into scarcity and collector interest. IHC made the fewest, but there are more people interested in Winchester. HRA made the second fewest, Springfield made the most. You have subsets within the manufactures. There are five types of IHC receivers. The most common is the postage stamp. The others have a higher premium. IHC use to be pretty scarce, since so many went overseas to out allies. With the recent Turkish returns a lot are popping up. Of the Winchesters, the absolute most popular are the Win-13 (the drawing number on the receiver is ends in 13.) They are the last WRA's made, are of a duplicate serial number range with Springfield, and feature a lot of late war design features that are not on the rest of the WRA rifles. The quickest way to spot a Win-13 is by the serial number. Any 1.6 million serial number WRA M1 will have the Win-13 drawing number. The CMP generally does not segragate the Win-13, thus no premium added by them. The most valuable and hard to find are the very early models. Gas Traps and 7th round modified rifles. Again condition is everything. In most cases condition and degree of correctness effects the value more than manufacture.

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