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Default SA Markings Chart: SA 5.30 & 5.89M

Charts represent a very small overview of very specific serial ranges.
They are not the only markings possible, there could be others.

Those of you receiving Service Grades or Correct/Collector Grades in the whole 5 million SA range and want to "restore" them
should take heed of the IHC windage knobs observed found among other anomalies. This relates directly to Wayne Bradford's earlier
statements and to the GCA Journal Fall 2010 article written by John Bondurant and Rick Cummelin.

You should also notice the few varying front sight widths that Wayne Bradford,
Jeff Carstens and Tim Carstens presented in a GCA Journal article earlier this year.

This data is only the tip of the iceberg, a general reference, and only a fraction of the overall data. It's not specific only to these SA serial
ranges. Much of it is typical to a large portion of the post-war SA serial ranges to varying degrees and varying part configurations.

Presented at face value and it should not be construed that all representations are original as manufactured.

Help yourselves:

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