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wow lucky you!! thats great. i actually ordered a case just for the wood crate about a month ago. i told the wife i was getting it for the neighbor. i had plenty of ammo, didn't really need any, but i really wanted that wood crate. i think the wife knew it wasn't for the neighbor, at least not all of it, but she never let on like she knew or was mad or anything. even if she was, who cares, i got a sweet wood crate out of the deal and it came with 2 sealed spam cans of ammo

im in the same boat as you are in a way. i see a lot of guys talking about how much or this or that they have laying around, and im thinking to myself how cool it would be to have even a fraction of that stuff and they act like its nothing special. to guys like us it sure is something special. i just keep telling myself iv'e only been a garand giuiy for a year or so, so i need to give it some time before i can act like having a few extra of this an that laying around is no big deal.
good going on scoring a couple cool greats! i hope to get more soon myself, i love having them around.
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