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Default M1903 Sporterized Springfields

Our Grandfather purchased two M1903 Springfields back in the days when they were cheap from the DCM. I have one, in very good condition for the most part (serial number is 900,xxx) and my brother has the other that was "Sporterized". I do not have a picture of the Sporterized version, however I have attached two photos of the unaltered version. After doing some research I see some mentioning of 6,000 Springfield 1903 NRA sporter .30-06. How do you tell if it was sporterized in someone's garage, vice being a Springfield 1903 NRA sporter .30-06? Are there markings to differentiate? Did any come from the Springfield factory sporterized after the war(s)? I see the NRA versions going for thousand's of dollars and I see some of the DIY types for a couple of hundred dollars. Can someone provide a little background on the sporterized 1903's? Also, for insurance purposes, what would the value of the M1903 below be, approximately. Thanks!

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