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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi Fellows,

After four or five trips to the south store I met & talked to PH68 - Tom to his many friends! He is so willing to help so many CMP people out! A truly NICE guy!
Sadly, I have missed him by minutes on other visits to the South store.
He was helping the"Hog Family" from Alaska select a few rifles. They were Great people to talk too! We met them at the CMP range later on & we all left with big smiles on our faces!

Tom was able to answer a few questions my pal had about a 03 & helped him to pick a correct rifle for his needs!
I was sorely tempted to buy just one more 03 myself!
I'm a Gunaholic .....but for two day visit at the South store, I did not fall off the wagon.
The Alabama Collectors show on Hoover was good & I bought a # of spares for my CMP rifles!
The armorer's on duty were also a BIG help to all of us!

It was nice to finally meet you broom and I alway enjoy meeting folks that have the same interest I do in these vintage rifles. Thank you for your very kind comments. Tom
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